Pnuematic Rain

Writing – Spiritual non-fic (history, biblical exposition), allegory, poetry, etc.


About me?  Well… my identity not important.  I wrote a book about the ministry of John the Baptist (linked below), and have largely adopted his perspective: Christ is the identity that matters.  He must increase, and I decrease.  He is the one that my life, and writings are about.  When my own identity is abolished, and all you see is Jesus, then will I be satisfied.  Everything that is just me will pass away, but the Word of God abides forever – that is where I seek to find my identity: the eternal.

I suppose I am a bit intense in my content for most people; I don’t really strive to be deep, just working along through my journey same as you – I make strong statements, and often declare things as they’ve been given to me.  My hope and prayer is simply to benefit those around me with help from above whether it be in the form of encouragement, instruction, warning or otherwise.  I’d love it if you want to follow this blog – but be aware that I will challenge you.  I will challenge you TO think, I will challenge WHAT you think, and HOW you think; I will do this unashamedly because that is how God deals with me.

The real purpose of ministry (which I would like my writings to be) is to help YOU to be more and more reconciled to God.  Anything that I do or say that causes you to touch draw nearer to Him: THAT is ministry.  Real prophets challenge people (now I am making no self-proclamation of such a title, but the principal is True), they challenge people in order to stir them up to God.  YOU can hear God, YOU can experience Him.  If you are not saved, I admonish you to be reconciled to God through the Person of Jesus Christ.  If you are saved, I admonish you to draw near to Him with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

I like to write, and have one book out; my aspiration is to be able to write full time.  There are a number of other writing projects and book concepts that I’d like to complete, and so I am working at maneuvering myself into a life situation which will allow me to make a career of it.

I am in this for the peace of all mankind so any discussion, feedback, or thoughts are always appreciated (I’d also love to pray for you if you have specific needs or requests).

Thanks for stopping in at my site – be blessed in Christ!

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