Recovering Lost Powers (An Allegory) pt 3: ‘Metamorphisis’

(I hope you enjoy the mixed metaphors, I am aware of their presence, and have no intention of changing them, its part of the poetic fun of my allegory.  Call it my creative liberty (Hey, John Lennon got away with such absurdities as: ‘Little yellow custard, slipping from a dead dog’s eye.’ – of course, he was intentionally confusing people(!), where my intention is to open the eyes of the blind.  Enjoy: ))

The battle commences when no one is looking; when eyes wink with slumber, and men are found in the wilderness – in the dark of space.  But there are spheres to enter into, and I am the Savior’s friend.

Shall I tell the tale of my birth?  For I once was a man of the earth, before these high and lofty things was a man of the dust, as you, yourself.  There is no great tale in the life of a worm, but when its transformation has erupted into the full bloom of a butterfly, and it is transfigured from a lowly worm of the earth to a glorified flying creature of the heavens – and that is the mystery of the butterfly, for He beautifies the meek with salvation.

I was a man of the earth, I had been told of this Kingdom fleet and the vessels mentioned, the Kin, and the Kirche did frequently pass across my path.  Born was I upon the Kin, following, as it were, the Kirche in formation.  Yet I was grounded after a time, indefinitely.  This is the way of a man, for he is born innocent – though Augustine points out the selfish tendencies of the flesh of a child, these tendencies are by the necessity of survival, and are no moral depravity.  A baby has no incentive, initiative, wherewithal, nor even ability to commit a moral infraction (it is incapable of evil for it is ignorant of right and wrong).  Ah, but when he/she takes hold of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, as her father and mother did; when the child is developed enough to know in his soul right from wrong, and then chooses immorality (and every one of us, without exception does – for it is written: ‘all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’) then account shall be held.  It is as the great apostle declared: ‘For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.’

So it was with me, and so it is with all men, born alive, and innocent but sin sprang to life in me soon enough, and like the serpent I was cast down to the earth.  You, too were born innocent, but chose sin – the wages of sin being death you were cast to the earth, as I, and our minds became consumed with carnality – we know only what we are exposed to, and our spiritual life has ceased.  This is the period of our probation, if we do well herein we shall be made free – for whom the Son sets free is free indeed – but if we do not well in our probation we shall be justly cast into prison for eternity and oh the horrors of that eternal prison!  (I prithee friend, turn your heart to Jesus, and be made free lest you be cast into that darkest of all prisons; for He would that none should perish, but that all should be granted life eternal!)

That which man was intended to rule doth now begin to rule him for the whole rule of the earth was handed over to the serpent wind by contract with man when Adam sinned.  The whole world now lies in the hand of the serpent wind, he is called in the writings the ‘god of the age,’ and the ‘prince of the power of the air.’  The only way to escape his dominion in the earth is to be born again – born into the heavens from whence we fell when our innocence was lost.

As a man bound to the earth, I was much enamored with sorcery, and did oft imbibe of such herbs and chemicals, as could be obtained.  These did unlawfully (by the judicial element of Kingdom holiness) elevate my senses to other realms, and did expose mine intellect to the agents of the serpent wind.  For a time, I suppose, I did experience such unknowingly, as many souls without understanding frequently (blinded by their fall) do.  Yet as I continued, there was no doubt that the drugs were exposing me to the darker spiritual elements.

These natural, toxins were fabricated from the earth and feigned to transport one to the heavenlies, it was for this reason that many hippies used them, and various ancient tribes of the earth.  Did not Ezekiel lament: ‘Lo, they put the branch to their nose!’?

Aye, and here was I falling into the same error, even before its condonement by the institutes of the earth.

Shall we then track the motions of a worm through the dirt?  Nay, ’tis enough said on the topic, but the end of the worms’ life was drawing near.  Paranoia had long since set itself into my soul; it was first and foremost emotional, for its base root was called guilt.  But the soul, being unalterably interconnected with its every other part, the guilt worked its way into my intellect, and mine intrinsic sense of justice (for we all are made with one (an intrinsic sense of justice, that is) it is a remaining imprint of the Creator’s nature, and an evidence of the eternal judgment to come) – yes, my intrinsic sense of justice was out of skew, for it was corrupted by the iniquity of all my sin.  The emotion of my guilt, and my intrinsic justice became a weapon of myself against me, and I became ceaselessly, and hopelessly paranoid.

The fear was enhanced, and encouraged by agents of the serpent wind.  Fear is, itself, a spirit as it is written.  Now guilt and sorcery had left me in a dreadful, state, but lament it not for it was to be the element of the worm’s death – and except a kernel of wheat fall to the ground and die it abideth alone, but if it dies it will produce an harvest!

Did you know, scientifically speaking, that when a caterpillar metamorphs into a butterfly, that every cell in the worm-form body literally dies, and that the creatures entire being is literally re-created on the cellular level?  Nothing of the original worm remains: behold, all things are made new!  All of creation testifies to the goodness of God.

And as I went about stumblingly as a fool on his way to destruction, scorning the voice of the Lord – which I began to hear in many places with greater and greater frequency (for where sin abounded, grace did much more abound); even in the hallucigenically altered states of mind, wherein the serpents spoke to me, I would hear His voice as well, and it shook me.

What’s more I was dragged to recruitment stations, meeting-places of the kingdom fleet.  Ever – ALWAYS when I did, the King did speak to me direct, plain and clear through the voice of the minister – for He is the one who wears men as masks.  While the meat of the serpent is dust and he will, therefore, consume of your flesh as, and when he pleases – he has stolen even this only by imitation from the King, who has leave to anoint any who are called by His name at any moment for His own purpose, for they are His purchased by blood.

It happened in a certain season that I was forcibly compelled to a certain event gathering.  The gathering, itself, was a docking station where many vessels from the heavens were intended to come in part for the purpose of recruitment, but largely also for the servicing of many vessels.  A good thing the docking was to take place upon the earth, for I was a grounded land vessel – as previously described.

As I came to this place I had made plans with a dark agent – another grounded vessel – with shady intentions.  This other, and I, myself, had plotted a rendezvous, wherein this grounded agent would keep me grounded, that I lose not my earthly bearing among this gathering of astronauts.  I would remain settled through sorcery, and obtain my spiritual ecstasy with herbs.  The other grounded vessel would see to it I did not lose my carnality, and drift off to ‘the Spirit in the sky.’

Before commencing our journey to the docking port, a shepherd amongst those by whom I was compelled to go on this journey prayed directly that any plans, or plots of the serpent wind amongst us would be broken, and unfulfilled.  Utterly frustrated as I heard the prayer escape his lips, I knew it would be answered fro  above – and it was, for I never did see nor hear head or tail of the agent I had intended to rendezvous with, nor did he find me though we both of us were at the same place for a whole 3 days.

The event was supernatural.  God was present to meet me; true to my rebellious form, I was set on burrowing into the dirt – but the paranoia, the fear that built in me began to be aimed in the correct direction.  I knew that no matter what horrors I ever could experience on the earth, that the place called hell would be eternally, and unimaginably worse – I knew, furthermore, that I was on course to go to that place.  Yet here was my status:

I had always believed that I would hold out in rebellion toward the Maker until it suited me to return, and call upon His name.  I had always believed in His being, and that I, one day, would come to Him for I knew that He had the keys of life, and the only other alternative was damnation.  Yet now I found a case I had not expected: I found that in the time I considered coming to Him – that I was incapable of so doing.  So addicted I was to the worm state, that I found the worm itself – not my internal volition – was in full control of me, and though I believed I could turn to God at any moment: I could not.

I slowly began to realize this – perhaps not even consciously at the time – and it terrified me beyond comprehension!  The illusion I had once had was not an illusion of freewill, for we all do have that free will of a Truth, and it cannot be stolen from us [it can only be put to death… (which might be the worse thing that happen to a person)].  No, the illusion was not of freewill, for the will was present what was absent was the ability to perform, just as it is written: ‘for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.’

The illusion I was under was not that I had freewill, but that I was full capable of DOING that which I willed (this same illusion permeates humanity to this day).  When it began to come clear to me that even if I desired to join the fleet, and be saved from the gravitational pull of the earth, I was incapable, I burrowed myself into the dust.  ‘Fine, then!  If I am unable to good, surely I am full able to perform wickedness!’  I turned my face to the wall, and strove to promise myself that I would burn in hell, I would, therefore, do my all to serve corruption, to live in wanton pleasures of carnality for my short span upon earth.

Yet it was there, even there, when my heart had made its striving to turn full away from right that His grace began its supernatural work in me.  In frustration I became destructive, a strange fury came upon me, and I thrashed about madly.  The astronauts present sought to know my mind – few prophetic among them (for their training lacked (though there be many astronauts and many, even, who pilot battalions, I find not many High Ranking Officials of the fleet – the astronauts, mainly, are of various schools run of earth bound bureaucracies – some schools better than others, some less, some vie for masteries yet are equally temporal as their competitors.  The bureaucracies often doll out lofty titles for their graduates, but no title handed out by an earth bound organization means anything – only titles assigned in the Kingdom, itself by the Great Admiral of our souls.  This ranked some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers – but only those He sets in such an office, Truly are officers in His fleet.  Truly there are many astronauts in His fleet, some are gifted one way, and some another – and all this for the building and mutual edification of the fleet, yet nevertheless, only those whom He calls His officers are officers, indeed.  And only that which is taught in His school by the teacher called ‘Revelation’ is learned at all, in Truth)), they did do their best, though yet I did intentionally deceive them as to what my frustrations meant.

Then came there a minister – the man who had prayed, defeating my temporal rendezvous – and compelled me to come with him.  I followed the man, and was led to a recruiting office of great size.  The recruiter spoke to many present, yet there in the crowd of worms, again – as always – this was not a man speaking to me, but the voice resounding!  That Great Admiral, Himself was calling unto me personally, and by name.  He saw me, even in my lowly state did He search me out as a shepherd who had lost His sheep, He left all to find me Himself.  How could I resist Him any longer?!  Could I muster defenses against His love?  No more!

And in that hour was that lowly worm cocooned about with the love of God – every cell of my flesh died, for I chose the kingdom way.  Previously unable, the Master of the Universe, Himself, met with me and enabled me with grace.  Surely, without Him you can do nothing – even receive His free gift.  You are as a limbless worm, unable to grasp anything, unable to walk anywhere, at the mercy of every higher level creature.  BUT ALL THOSE WHO CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED.

Even in your weakness will He meet, and enable you.

I was cocooned about, and when I came forth I was a new, heavenly creature.  The minister then laid His hands upon me, that I be baptized in the very Person of the Samaritan.  Drunk – more like stoned, actually – I became; literally intoxicated upon His love!  This is no poetic reference, I was used to inebriation through various substances, but this was to be intoxicated by, and with love and joy itself.  Never have I yet since that time experienced the same degree of this manifestation.

Now was I an alien upon the earth.

I had no idea what was the full scope of that which happened to me that day, neither is it temporally apparent – no, indeed, the whole of creation is groaning as in pain of childbirth as it waits to see.

But one thing occurred for sure: a tiny, supernatural, spore-like seed was buried deep in my soul…


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