YOU Can Hear God

Preceding thoughts: How to Hear God; Prophecy is Natural (pt. 2) “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” -Jesus Christ (John 10:27) I will not, here, make a theological apology for the applicability of prophecy today, as I have done that elsewhere (The Year of the Lord’s Favor (or…


Prophecy is Natural (pt. 2)

First Part: Prophecy is Natural (pt. 1) In my first post by this title, I described one meaning of the title subject ‘Prophecy is Natural.’  In that context, I actually gave some definition for what prophecy is, marking the essential understanding that to prophesy is to use natural communication to convey spiritual Truths; I took…


Prophecy is Natural (pt. 1)

You might not guess it but there’s a double meaning of the title statement ‘prophecy is natural.’ (Just quickly, here’s a key for usage (which is sometimes mixed up): ‘Prophecy’ <– with a ‘c’ is pronounced ‘pro-phe-SEE’, and is a noun.  ‘PropheSy’ <– with an ‘s’ is pronounced ‘pro-phe-SIGH’, and is a verb.) I’ll start…


Fox and the Reformation

The protestant reformation began – more or less – with Martin Luther, and the posting of his 95 theses on the door of the Cathedral of Wittenburg. What was Luther’s primary message, or revelation for the church?  Many would say: ‘Salvation through faith, alone.’  Which is generally true – more specifically, however, Luther’s central life-revelation…

Mystery Babylon

Mystery, Babylon the mother of harlots. I will use this post to merge three vital aspects of ministereal teaching. 1) I will plainly lay out the prophetic revelation I’ve had on this end time topic, under-girding it with the biblical basis necessary for you to understand and have faith for it. 2) I will combine the first element of biblical Truth to the reality of modern day events that make evident not only that the biblical revelation is True, but that also reveal the actual fulfillment of biblical prophecies in modern events. 3) (Most important, and most overlooked in teachings on the latter days) I will provide practical information on how these things do actually apply to us, and how we can be prepared for the days ahead. I will not use this post to address common misconceptions, except where it seems absolutely necessary in order to convey the Truths I am presenting.

Mystery Babylon, who is she? She is not, as is so often speculated currently, America – though many in America are unwittingly helping her rise to power, even as I write these words. Unfortunately, as she is an eternal, prophetic mystery, no ammount of speculation will help us to discern her… but the eternal Word of God contains the answer expressly, if we have eyes to see it. In fact discerning the beast from the sea gives us the clear pathway to knowing Mystery Babylon.

Revelation 13 describes two beasts; the beast from the sea, and the beast from the earth. The beast from the sea is a kingdom – specifically, it is THE antichrist kingdom. The beast from the earth is a person – the false prophet or, as John the Apostle calls him elsewhere: THE Antichrist. You will notice that nowhere in the book of Revelation is he called a false ‘Christ,’ or a false ‘Messiah;’ rather, he is called the false ‘prophet.’ Indeed I do not think he will claim to be the Messiah (though I know the scriptural reasons that many theologians do – I believe that the abomination of desolation means somehing different than we have supposed); if the antichrist claims to be the Messiah, all [well… unfortunately not all, but certainly MOST] of the Christians would immediately reject his ministry. But we know that the antichrist will have intelligence with them that forsake the covenant, and that he will corrupt by flatteries. He will probably claim to be no more than a prophet – specifically: THE prophet whom Moses declared would come.

Scripturally, there is no way around the fact that Christians will be decieved, and believe the antichrist – even the very elect will be, if possible. As Daniel declared, he will ‘have intellegence with them that forsake the covenant;’ and he will ‘corrupt by flatteries.’ These statements predicate that antichrist (and the kingdom from which he arises (beast from the sea/ abyss)) will not initially appear to be viscious, violent, or evil.

Indeed, even John’s vision of the beast from the sea revealed it as having the body of a leopard. Scripturally, the leopard is a beast of prey who WAITS PATIENTLY, lurking, and watching for its prey. The leopard being the ‘body’ of the beast indicates that these elements will permeate the whole of its being – the beasts’ over-arching personality. It also has the feet of a bear according to John’s vision, feet indicate its WAY OF GOING, the direction it takes. While the beast will APPEAR calm, patient, non-violent (LEOPARD) it is not gentle, or tender at all, rather diobolical, and it will have the power and perogative to maul like a bear. (The beast cannot be ISIS, though clearly ISIS is an antichrist organization, which has been growing and destroying rapidly, the tendancies of this terrorist group do not meet the prophecies of Daniel, or the body (i.e. presented character) of the leopard. ISIS is more like a consistently mauling bear. It does not flatter, it destroys visciously, it does not have quote ‘intellegence with them that forsake the covenant,’ it slaughters indescriminantly those that do not adhere to it. ISIS is, indeed, a vile beast, but it is not the beast from he sea.)

The beast will be subtle, and appear to come peaceably; there will also be terrible tribulation to the saints but this will not be fulfilled by the beast until the abomination of desolation stands where it ought not – the time which Jesus called ‘the last days.’ (Matt 24:15-25) By that time it will be too late for many of those who were brought into the beast’s bosom by flatteries; too many will be undiscerning of the beast, and of the abomination – what it is, for so it is prophesied. Take careful heed to the words of Christ, for He told us all beforehand, and gives clear clues for the discerning to follow. ‘Then let THOSE WHO ARE IN JUDEA flee…’

The beast also has the mouth of a lion. It will speak with great boasting words, and sound noble, and strong, but its words are to destroy and and to devour and blaspheme.

I have come to believe confidently that the beast is the SANHEDRIN ‘who was, and is not [at the time of John’s writing the Revelation (circa 95 A.D.), Jerusalem had been destroyed by the Romans (70 A.D.), as prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 23 & 24] and yet will come [after some 2000 years the Sanhedrin has reconvened as the official religious ruling counsel in Israel]. Jesus plainly prophesied to the Sanhedrin that they were to be left desolate until such a time as they received Him, their Messiah (Matt 23: ). John’s prophecy of Revelation declares that the beast rises out of the Abyss – the place of desolation. Indeed, John declared when he saw the beast rise, that he stood quote: ‘upon the sand of the sea,’ – a biblical epithet for the natural Israel. The beast (Sanhedrin) has risen from desolation – it arose in the natural Israel, fulfilling th prophecy of John.

Notice, I did NOT say that the beast is Israel, Judaism, or even the current government of Israel – I said the beast (the antichrist kingdom) is the SANHEDRIN. The Sanhedrin is not now the political ruling party. The Sanhedrin is the religious authority (even in Jesus day there was Herod the king, and there were the ruling counsellors (SANHEDRIN) over the religeous order in Israel. Like in the old days he Sanhedrin will enforce the statutes of the Old Covenant, and the law of Moses. THE SANHEDRIN (again, not the Jews, or the political nation of Israel) already is an antichrist authority – it is under the rigid commandments of the law of Moses, and this is the only law they hold as authoritative. They have rejected the Christ, and are presently, actively waiting for A DIFFERENT CHRIST – that is: the antichrist. The Sanhedrin will, no doubt, take eventual power in Israel, and they already are taking more, and more power.

In 1948 Israel was granted national status, and large populations of geneological Jews have moved into the land tat for some time has been called ‘Palestine’ (a possible Romanization of ‘Philistia,’ or ‘Philistine’ (the Philistines were inhabitants of the southern part of the land which predated Joshua’s initial conquest of it).) From that time a strong Jewish state has risen to become modern day Israel. Now that the geneological Jews have a centrally gathered nation, John’s prophecy of standing upon the ‘sand of the sea’ could be fulfilled; so also could be the rising of an ancient order which existed from the time of Moses until 70 A.D., existed not for nearly 2000 years, and has now, again come into being in our lifetime (‘was, and is not, and yet will come’).

Now we come to this dillemma: is the Sanhedrin truly the antichrist kingdom?

As I began contemplating this thought for myself, I began reading the passages in depth that pertained to this thought. We must plainly establish that Jewish people are not evil, but any religion which denies that Jesus is Messiah (Messiah is the Hebrew word for ‘The Anointed One.’ it is synonomous with the Greek word ‘Christos’ – Christ. Christ, and Messiah mean the same thing, two different languages of origin.) – any religion denying Jesus is Christ, or Messiah – is antichrist; it denies the Father, and the Son (1 John 2:22 & 23). Jews are not evil – denying God IS evil. The Sanhedrin has not arisen as an order which proclaims Jesus Christ, until it does so it IS – by biblical definition – an antichrist order. This is not too out of the ordinary, as every religion that denies that Jesus is Christ, also, is antichrist. Yet for the Sanhedrin there is a distinguishing factor – Jesus Christ prophesied that the Sanhedrin woukd remain desolate UNTIL they recieved the testimony of the Messiah, and declare: “Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Matt 23:38 & 39) It is evident that He spoke this prolhecy to the SANHEDRIN, and not to all the Jews, because He began His prophecy with these words: “The scribes and Pharisees SIT IN MOSES’ SEAT.” (Matt 23:2) This makes evident that He spoke specifically about the Sanhedrin order, because it was officially started by God to set elders among the Jews in the place of Moses in order to help him bear the burden of judging the whole nation. In Numbers 11, 70 elders among the Jews were given an impartation of the ANOINTING that was upon Moses; they were made prophets by this impartation of the Spirit of God. From that time the Sanhedrin counsel existed in Israel to judge the Jews IN MOSES’ SEAT.

The Jews are not evil, but Jesus declared that the Sanhedrin (the judges in the seat of Moses) had rejected the anointing that their predecessors had been entrusted with. Matthew 23 is an hard prophecy to read, because it is of judgment, but remember, the judgment pronounced is not upon the Jewish people as a whole, but upon the scribes and Pharisees who sat in the seat of Moses (Sanhedrin) (and upon the city of Jerusalem, bjt we wil get to that shortly.) According to His Word, the Sanhedrin was to fall, and be left DESOLATE. This judgment was to remain upon them until they accepted their Messiah (Matt 23:38 & 39).

As Jesus prophecy pertained to the Sanhedrin – the religious ruling council of the Jews – He also prophesied/ pronounced judgment upon the city from which the Sanhedrin ruled: JERUSALEM. Now, again, it must be noted in the context that Jesus is not pronouncing judgment upon the Jews – but He IS pronouncing judgment upon the ruling council, which fact is confirmed by His including the city of Jerusalem in His prophecy. He declares that Jerusalem is the city which stoned the prophets. Why? Because it was the city in which, and from 3whence the Sanhedrin pronounced judgment upon the prophets and had them slain – Jesus equated their martyrdom with murder, and stated that ALL THE RIGHTEOUS BLOOD SHED UPON THE EARTH WOULD BE REQUIRED AT THE HAND OF quote: “this generation” (v.36) what generation? The same generation He called vipers, damned to hell (v.33) – THE SANHEDRIN.

It was not the entire body of the Jewish nation, or people – but the judges in Israel had become corrupt, thus the place from which they judged became – literally damnable (and WAS damned (cursed) in the passage by Jesus).

“How oft I would have gathered thee…” (Matt 23:37) Jesus yearned for the Sanhedrin to follow after Him, their God, and Messiah – but they would not. Instead they added this transgression to them all, that they martyred the Messiah of God.

Jerusalem was, indeed, the city which stoned the prophets for the city is so directly related to the Sanhedrin which ruled it! So now, we come to the prophesied city of Babylon. What was (or rather is/ will be) the key iniquity of MYSTERY BABYLON?

Rev 18:24 ‘…in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of ALL that were slain upon the earth?’

Does this thought sound familiar? It should, Jesus prophesied these words to the Sanhedrin, and Jerusalem, its seat:

Matt 23:34 & 35 ‘Behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes and some of them